We don't just help build your website,

We build your business.

You get the idea and we provide the technology
fuel to get it off the ground.

What is JBK Technologies?

JBK technologies specializes in technology and business consulting for startups and VC-backed companies. We help resolve the most critical matters: technology, strategy, marketing, organization, operations, and budgeting, while focusing on the entrepreneur’s idea and opportunities. And, Yes, we also provide full service branding and digital solutions to your business.

Our Mission:We don’t want to let your ideas vaporize just because you don’t have enough capital or the right technology resources. Many noble ideas just die down because the technology seems too complex or too expensive. At JBK technologies we help kick-start new ideas by providing technology and product development consulting.

Why did we think of this? We heard so many people talk about great ideas but they did not move forward because getting technology resources was too expensive or complex for them. We also saw that a ton of ongoing startups were using expensive technology resources which could be shared across startups making the technology more efficient and useful. At JBK technologies we are inspired by innovation and want ideas to get off the ground and get tested in the real world. We work with only a few startups at one time to ensure that we are dedicating quality time and resources to the entrepreneurs. By providing shared technology resources Grove86 attempts to keep the cost as low as possible and allows the entrepreneurs to focus on the business and marketing part of the mission. Since we have experience in quite a few startups we don’t shy away from providing you advice on the product development part of your idea. We want to ensure that you succeed without worrying too much about the technology aspect and just focus on solving the real world problem.

What we do?

  • Startup
    • Technology Services
    • Technology Resource Management
    • Operation Consulting
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Investment Consulting: Seed or A Round
  • Technology
    • Web Design: UI/UX
    • Web Developments
    • Mobile Web and Application
    • Software Application
    • Platform Build & Implementation
  • Technology Resource
    • Staffing Solution
    • Recruiting
    • Training
  • Product
    • Product Enhancement
    • Enhance Pricing Model
    • New Product Development
  • Operation
    • Ongoing Technology consulting
    • Support Infrastructure
    • Operational Run book & Manual
    • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Strategy
    & Services
    • Online & Digital Marketing
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Online Advertisement
    • Contents Marketing
    • Brand Promotion

How it works

  • Selection process?

    We look for ideas that solve a real existing problem as well as have the potential of a good business model. Entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about the problem are well liked because we think the idea will be successful compared to others. To start the deal with us we would like to see a description of the problem and the proposed solution as well as how the entrepreneur sees technology as a part of his/her idea. Once we think that we can dedicate sufficient quality resources to your idea we will start out initial discussions on how we can provide the technical fuel to get you off the ground.

  • Investments?

    We are partnered with various VCs (venture capital) and help raise money for your early startup. Last year, we helped one of member startups to secure seed funding over 1.5 million USD.

  • Pricing?

    Every idea is different and has a distinctive scale of technology and operational requirement so we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Our initial dialogs will help us judge the technical and business consulting complexity you require we can take it form there.

  • Idea protection?

    Your idea and business are protected. We have seen variety of startups and we ourselves work as a startup. So we totally understand the sentiment and the emotions of the founder to keep the idea close to his heart till it launches in the market. Our firm and investment partners strive to protect your idea to the extreme level.

Our Works

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Launched 2Q, 2018
Our Involvement
Web Design & Development
Product Development
Technology Consulting
Technology Budgeting


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